Hey there!

I'm Dan Hiss

I’m a Digital Narrative and Interactive Design student and aspiring UX designer based in Pittsburgh, PA. I’m originally from Richmond, VA and moved to Pennsylvania to attend the University of Pittsburgh. I enjoy creative design, programming, game design, and writing.

My Career so far

Currently, I'm attending the University of Pittsburgh, and set to graduate in Spring 2025. I'm majoring in Digital Narrative and Interactive Design (DNID) on the Game Design track, and minoring in Computer Science, as well as Creative Writing.

DNID is a major focused on the narrative aspects of the digital world, telling stories through data and digital means. This includes User Experience, and making sure that people are able to understand and interact with technology. It is a collaborative major between the Dietrich School of Arts and Science, and the School of Computing and Information at Pitt.

Additionally, I've worked as a freelance website developer, a script writer, and a lead instructor for a technology based summer enrichment program.

UX Design


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